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New mammal friend

Well I am a lame new cat poster now. I don't even like cats but last night we met this little fellow. Around 11-12 we hear some crying and scratching at our door. We see this small cat dying to get inside our house, even though our two adult cats are inside throwing hissy fits at the window. We go outside and immediatly this cat is all over us, rolling over so we could pet his belly, standing on his hind legs, etc. I have never ever met such a friendly laid back cat. He was quite thin and very cold. Anyways we put out a box and blanket for him and my roomates and I decided that if he was still there in the morning it was a sign and we would try and help him. We couldn't bring him in overnight because we did not want to risk our other cats health.

This morning at around 7 we go outside and sure enough our new friend comes running to us. He gulped down huge amounts of food and water and was just being a total suck for attention. We couldn't help but love this little guy so this morning it was off to the vet for worming, needles and some treatment for a large injury on his back, and ear mites.

<img src="">

Isn't that the best way to get a new pet? When they come to you!

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