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I recently worked as a vet tech. The doc recently shut down business due to bancruptcy, so I now work elsewhere. But anyhoo.....this is how it was day in and day out in the hospital. We had a fella with a 17 year old cat, who was getting blood work done and all nessecary follow up work done in order for his old female cat to be feeling better and living better. Her blood work actually came out great, except for some small normal problems for aged cats like this. He spend many a dollor on this loved pet. Not many owners like this at all. Very scarce.

We also had many folks (most had this mentality) who would not spay their animals stating "They just want to have some babies you know." Sorry, they do not want the long run your giving it better chances at getting ill. But what does a human care, except their own silly needs and greed for their pet. It was said, that about 80% + of all owners we saw had no clue as to what their pet needs were, nor who knew what was going on.

Fact is, most owners do not care to get the facts. They rely on myth and old wifes tales about the life and needs of their pets. Facts are misplaced and replaced with myths and so on for ease of dealing with reality. Not that all are out to do harm, just that many do not seem to accept the fact they are wrong and doing harm to their pets. The get pi$$ed, upset, sit back in denial and generally get defensive when the truth roles out from the docs mouth.
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