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We might take a trip to Baton Rouge for the day. As well, my friend that lives there says there's barn dances with live zydeco bands that happen during the day..might check that out...and perhaps go and see a plantation. I'll be visiting the cemeteries too....there's one up Canal near Metarie Cememtery called Odd Fellows Rest....looks like its 'out of service' lol but very a creepy way...
mostly I'll be in the quarter...My friend there works in the bar scene so she knows the good local places to hang out away from the chaos of Bourbon....gotta say though my fav. touristy bar is Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop (love the piano bar). Clubwise I looooove the Dungeon. I'm always worried those places will get turned into a margarita bar with flourescent lights. sorta what happened to the Old Absinthe Bar..and a few other cool places too...
Anything else worthy of checking out that I haven't mentioned?
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