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All I know is that last night when Vanan played that, I got seriously mad. He played it backwards for me before, but I couldn't make out the words.

Had to listen to Metallica to chill out afterwards. That and we were reading the Harry Potter seris, hard to get too freaked out when reading about Owls named Hedwig. (Geeks, I know!)

I'm not as much an expert as Vanan on Satanism and Satan Worshipping, but from what I could gather from Satanism, it's more about doing your own thing than about Beezelbub himself. Those who fool around with Satan Worshipping, well, they deserve whatever they get! Eternity in Hell seems like awful payment for some fame and a bit of cash.

I'm still shuddering and it's morning, and I'm all alone with dozens of the devil's "minions".
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