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[ its always been a kind of Taboo song to play openly. I think just about everyone who plays knows how to play the mjority of it, buts its always been respected that you don't. [/B]
Interesting..... does anyone remember that scene in "Wayne's World" where Wayne attempts to play it at the guitar store.... the clerk comes out and stops Wayne, and points to a sign saying "NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN"... and Wayne replies.....

"No Stairway......denied!"

My rationalization of that scene was that I thought that music store owners just got sick of EVERYBODY playing stairway when they picked up a guitar. I guess I was wrong. I understand this taboo... maybe it's that this song is so revered that anyone other than the great Jimmy Page would just butcher a masterpiece.
Nonetheless..... I am skeptical about the satanic messages..... but it is cool either way. But..... I have listened to some bands that blow that away in terms of straight up disturbing satanic lyrics..... Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse (more gore than satanism), Gore Rotted (same deal as corpse). I used to get all disturbed by that devil business..... but now I just laugh because it is so ridiculous. Not much phases me anymore... though I still feel a little disturbed by the backwards stairway...... I am still shuddering... even though the lyrics aren't that disturbing. I don't know... I am skeptical, but still creeped out. Weird.
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