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If you know much about the 70's and especially the whole metal scene of the'll soon find out that there was all sorts of music that was supposed to have satanic verses if played backwards. Im a huge fan of Led Zep. The history that surrounds that song is an amazing one in itself. For years its been said to have been the most requested radio song of all time. It has also been said that more ppl have committed suicide to that song then any other....truth or not, the song was written much like the majority of theyre songs by guitar legend Jimmy Page. If you follow any of this bands i have, you'll soon discover that they, like many other bands at that time did fool around with satanism. Ive seen many interviews both on video and written where Jimmy openly talks about his flirtations with it. It has been asked in the past if there was ever intentional messages in any of the songs and the answer has always been no. I would personally like to believe not...but its only Jimmy that can truely answer as this is one of his greatest bodies of work. Its amazing to note that Jimmy stated that this song sort of just flew out of him one day while jamming. The first run they ever did of the entire song, the band claimed that they were all shook up, didn't talk much, but everyone of them just knew they had created something amazing. As a guitar player myself, its always been a kind of Taboo song to play openly. I think just about everyone who plays knows how to play the mjority of it, buts its always been respected that you don't. So much that infact i can't even remember how to play much of it anymore...and ill never learn it again as i believe it should be left alone. Perhaps, its just another piece of the puzzle that shrouds this song in such mystery...or just a stupid superstition...either way, somethings are better left unsaid imo.

If your really into interesting history of music, do some research on the song Mr. Crowly by Ozzy Osborne....another classic shrouded in mystery...and similar to Stairway with its theme. Study the lyrics and see what Ozzy was really singing about...have fun
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