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Yes, tell me about it. I really wish I had documented more than I did, but I honestly didn't expect the eye to regain movement! Both pupil and the eye itself.

I just had to share with everyone. I've never heard of this type of regeneration. The eye was blind before, but now!

I'd almost like to donate her to some university so they can document any further regeneration. But I do like my little girl. I haven't named her, Miracle sounds too cheesy. She's a year old.

I surprised me that the eye was growing back, but it was just a blue iris and black dot that wouldn't change in diametre. But for the eye to regain function?! C'mon!

Glad you guys share my amazement. I felt like calling my family, but I didn't think they'd understand. I got all goosebumpy and hot/cold feelings running through me when her eye moved to look at us.
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