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Eye regeneration in LTR

Last year I was given a one eyed leucy tx rat from Denise Loving. She produce this animal and gave her to me. When I got her, the snake had one bug eye and one socket with sludgy crusty stuff. The crust somewhat solidified and over the course of a few sheds, something which somewhat looked like an eye appeared. Then with a subsequent shed an eye which could be called one, was apparent. I have posted photos of this eye. The eye did not move, didn't not appear to see, and the pupils did not shrink or expand. She was effectively blind in the eye.

She shed a few weeks ago, and I was looking at her eye, just to see how it was progressing, and IT MOVED.

The eye MOVED, it moved to look at me, and the pupils actually RESPONDED TO LIGHT.

I find this AMAZING! I'm almost out of my skin!!!

I got Vanan to look at the eye to confirm that the eye could move and could expand/contract. The movements were very SMALL. But there IS MOVEMENT!!

I wish I had a photo of how the eye was as a baby.

I can't believe this. I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't happening infront of my eyes!

To think a snake is actually regenerating a highly complex organ!

I will be looking at snakes in a whole new light, a whole new level of respect.
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