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) We keep all specific threads in specific forums for a few reasons.
-keeps things organized, and people that are looking for specific things know where to find them
-an allowance like that creates a gray area for types of threads allowed in forums
-when people were allowed to post the threads in question outside of the specific forums, we found that the specific forums were rarely used and the threads were scattered around the forums (not easy to find if someone is searching for threads), we cannot get rid of the specific forums and have everything all in one big forum, it would be too cluttered
This is just what we have found over time to work best

) I don't know why you weren't sent a PM, however the thread was taken down due to the content involved and some of the replies were becoming quite personal. Boa Mania's personal business doesn't need to be broadcasted on public forums, that is his private business that we have to respect on these forums.
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