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Site Rules, Possible Modification?

Well, I have a little bit of a 'complaint' here. Actually it is more of a suggestion. I have no fantastic examples off hand, but one comes to mind. Scales Zoo had made a post on his baby boas dropping. Now, I know this has to do with boa constrictors, but I do not see why it has to be in the boa constrictors forum. I think that posts such as questions on BCI should go in the BCI forum, but things like that should be allowed in the general forum. The reason for that is, they get much more attention in the BCI forum. And I am sure it is something that everyone would love to hear. And not everyone frequents the BCI forum. Questions like "Proper Enclosure for a Common Boa" on the other hand, requires knowledge on the species, and experienced individuals likely frequent the BCI forum. Do you know what I mean? Also, sometimes I am so used to seeing a post somewhere, then I go to look for it and it isn't there anymore. One more last thing, is that I think if a post is being deleted, or moved, a pm should be sent to the poster so they know.

I just wanted to mention that Scales Zoo was merely an example from my opinion and had nothing to do with why I posted this. If you mind me using it as an example please let me know.

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