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Oh man, that's my biggest peeve about classified ads too. If I don't know where you are how can I know what anything is gonna cost? Which brings me to my second biggest peeve: people that aren't selling anything but are just taking offers and don't even give you a starting point for a price. "I have a snake. It is brown. Make me an offer." It's your damned creature, why don't you place an ad when you know how much money you expect to get for it. These two groups of people are way more annoying than the "ad bumpers". Even rednecks selling cars in Auto Trader can manage to tell you where they are, the make, model and year and name a price.

If I could make the rules for the ads you would be required to fill in a box for location, type of animal and asking price. Anything less doesn't constitute an ad. Those of us still suffering through life with a dial-up connection would certainly appreciate less clutter and BS.

The free classifieds are a great feature on this site so it's hard to complain but I think the fact that they are free comes with the drawback that people will clutter it with crap.
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