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If its only been a few days, I wouldn't stress him further by trying to feed. Give him a couple of weeks in an enclosure covered by a towel. If he is a ribbon snake, they are arboreal, so he will be most comfortable if he can climb up and "hide". I have plastic/silk "vines" for my ribbon snake, in a tall aquarium, with a basking light. He spends the vast majority of his time as high as he can get, under the light. In addition, he needs a shallow water bowl. For the first two weeks, I wouldn't do any more than that. That will give him time to heal, if he is able to heal, and to get over the stress of his experience. I would NOT try to feed at this point.

My ribbon snake really goes for feeder fish. They are unable to stretch their jaws quite as wide as some fish, and even though he has quite a girth on him, he struggled with a relatively small goldfish one time. Rosy red minnows are a good choice. Just add some to his water bowl after a couple of weeks and let him decide if he's ready for them. Mine goes for them immediately I put them in there - often he's grabbed the first before I've even finished pouring them in! If he's not ready to eat, the fish will survive in the water bowl for several days, even without being fed, and he can feed when he's ready - which may be at night when no-one's looking.
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