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Friendly Reminder.

It seems that some people have not been following the TOS for the classifieds.
Especially when it comes to replying to your own add.

Here they are for as an FYI,

Do NOT post more then 1 ad for each animal(s) you have for sale.

Do NOT reply to your own threads to move your post up, you may reply only to say that the animal(s) have been sold so we can remove it.

If you reply to your own ad it will be removed.

When your animal(s) has sold, please state that its been sold in the thread so the post can be deleted.

If you are a bigger breeder or sell alot of animals in our classifieds, it is encouraged that you support the site and buy a banner ad, make a donation and/or upgrade your photohosting account.

These classifieds are for exotic animals ONLY! Domestic animal threads are not allowed in the classifieds.

The commercial sale of dry goods is strictly phohibited in the classifieds.

Do not spam the classifieds with excess ad's for the animals you already have posted for sale.

If you registered with a fake or unknown email adress i suggest you change it to one that you actually use or you wont get any emails from people inquiring about your animals.

Buy responsibly! is not responsible for anything bought or sold in our classifieds.

Thank You, Administration.
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