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Boxing gave me to much of a headache..

Personally, I enjoy Muay thai..
If ya' by chance studied this art, Id go with being taught the Martial art form and not the Ring fighting.. Learn much more with the art studies, plus kicking people is kinda fun.. So I hear..

If you want to just throw and toss people and have fun with laughing at everyone falling, I hear Judo is a good art for that. Its always good to not hurt people because hurting people makes them sore and being sore sucks..

Now just because JetLi is a Bad Mamba Jamba, I'd suggest Wushu. Not likely you'll find a place around there, or here.. Or any place in the US, But Its an awesome art. Watch some of his Tourni' videos, you'll get the full effect..

Just a bit of rambling..

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