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Hmmm. This topic has made me reflect on how great our site here is. I really appreciate how nice and friendly and accepting people on this site are. Even a debate will not go completely out of hand like we have seen. We are also very fotunate to have a great webmaster and great mods( Thank you guys!). People with exotic animals such as chins and stuff are not rejected and no one threatens to feed them to their snakes like that site threatened to squish peoples t's and reptiles and stuff.

Drewlowe: I didn't mean something against you there if you thought i did i guess i just phrased it wrong.

Overall i think we have the greatest site and I don't go on any other forum sites now with the exception of our sister site

I would like to thank everyone for making this such a great place and also thank Jeff for creating this site as I immagine many people on this site feel this is a !BIG! family, lol, and also they feel like someone because here they are accepted into a group of people with the same interests as them where they would normally be rejected by most. I only had one other friend interested in reptiles before joining the site but now I have MANY! Right guys?(and girls, no descrimation meant, just as an expression). I also feel fortunate to have met some people on this site that are people I may now associate with and also do business with. Anyways, I'l stop my rambling and get back to the topic.

Those people were incredibly rude. No respect for others and I thought that the owner of the board was quite the jack@$$. Glad no one here is like that.


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