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Originally posted by Slannesh
*shakes head*

Personally? I hate spiders.. i'm arachnophobic. But even so I wonder how funny they would find it if we made jokes about feeding their precious rodents to our herps? As I was saying in another thread recently.. stupidity seems to be a universal problem lately *rolls eyes*

Hopefully the Tarantula owner checked out the invert. section of SsnakesS.

Haha i did say that Slannesh. Here's what i said.

As far as the tarantula bashing goes "to each their own" but how would you feel if i said chins and sugers are nothing but rodents that should be fed to my snakes. You wouldn't like that and instantly start flaming me.

Oh yeah I'm Havoc on that forum not that i will really post there after this thread.
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