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Who is Austin Stevens?

I'll tell you who he is, a joke. I took a look at these sites on the fella, trying to find out who everyone was talking about. I now remember a show a while back with him taking pics of African hots....what a gimp. is something very "silly" that was portrayed about one of his shows.

Austin Stevens seeks out the largest and most powerful snake in the world. A snake which can weigh over 1,000 lbs, and measure 44 " around. One of the few snakes in the world that actually preys on humans......this monster is capable of literally crushing a man to death.... Austin is a black belt in Kung-Fu, but he has been undergoing additional training for this mission for the last twelve months, working on the amount of time he can stay underwater, and increasing his upper body strength. Now there is no turning backů
I mean, funk dat! Black belt in Kung-fu? Er...OK. Crushing a man to death? Er...OK. Undergoing training for his "mission" for a year? To photograph a snake eh? Funny stuff to say the least.

The site in question ...and yet another that gives an honest look at the reality of it all...

In a nutshell, this guy is a gimp, a false look at what a herpetologist trully is. I hope you youngins think as I do about this guy.
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