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Well all of the swamp tours will be *out of town* as in not in New Orleans proper. You probably already know that though. ;-P I recommend Cypress Swamp tours. The man who runs it, Cypress, was a good friend of my dads.

Many of the channels are man made so they are inevitable. Most of the tours will seem *touristy* since that's mainly the people that go on them. The tourism industry has really picked up for the swamp tours in recent years, which is good for the economy of that area.

Is "Sugar Swamp" in New Orleans East? There are two conservation areas. One is Jean Lafitte Park (on the westbank) and the other is Bayou Sauvage in New Orleans East. I've never been to BS since I grew up practically inside JL.

When is your trip? I can send you tons of information.
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