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I talk about my snakes at work all the time and have converted a lot of my co-workers. One girl who said she couldn't handle even seeing a snake picture came over on sunday night and was handling my king snake...

I too have noticed that the media (books, games, tv, movies), with the exception of documentaries, portrays snakes in a negative light. This upsets me. Sometimes it upsets me to the point that I will stop watching a show.

The problem was stated very well in Men In Black (Yah I know coulda found a better source but I don't know where it comes from originally): A person is intelligent, accepting and tolerant. PEOPLE are dumb, irrational and violent. Thats the gist of it anyway.

With the exception of children in an educational setting its hard to change the opinions of the masses on a subject that has been negatively ingrained through out their life. Each and every one of us has to do our best and educate everyone we can. One by one and working together maybe we can change the reputation of these beautiful and amazing spectacles of nature.


Thanks. I really needed to get that out.

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