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Originally posted by Lisa
I don't understand the online RPGs.... You can't finish them, it's like why bother.
It's more the challenge then anything. There is no greater challenge then to be pitted against another real person on the other end of a computer. Bashing computer controll monsters get's to repatative for me. But I played Ultima Online for 4 straight years because of the people I played with. Not because they were friends but because of the challenge. The PvP system in UO has never been close to matched in any other MMORPG and I've played allot of MMORPG's (EQ, UO, Linage, Earth and Beyond, Shadowbane, Anarchy Online) and what kept me playing was being able to fight against other players in a real skill vs skill competition day after day, fighting new people doing diffrent things. When UO changed their fighting system completly on me in 2003 I quit playing because it lost what was fun, the challenge.

But your right, I've never seen the draw too MMORPG's such as EQ because there really is no point. The PvP system is a joke so the only challenge is finding your next "l33t" item and killing more NPC's. Never made sense to me how people could sit and play for thousands of hours doing nothing but monster bashing. Just seems like the most boring thing in the world.
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