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I care alot about the animals, you dont tell me how i feel, you know nothing about me!
I can't say that I know how you feel or much about you at all but I do KNOW one thing, you can't possibly truly care for that turtle if all you want is to keep it.

It is the cruelest thing you can do, take an animal from the wild and make it suffer a life of captivity. This turtle has known a very nice life up till the moment you took it home... Even if you gave it the best of conditions it will NEVER compare to it's life in the wild where it is supposed to be.

As humans we are already selfish enough in playing God and controlling the lives of the animals we choose to keep as CB. Taking an animal from the wild for reasons other than to help the species by professionals is SUPREME selfishness!

If you cared even a BIT about that turtle, you would run to put it back where you took it.

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