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Hey I've seen this post a few times and just never got around too adding my 2 cents worth, now this come from a guy who’s grown up on a farm, ducks are easy too keep, feed for them can be purchased at a farm supply store, and yes baby ducks will learn too follow you like they would there parents its natural too them and cute at first, but they don’t out grow it. lol,
As for living in the suburbs and owning one if your serious about it look up what is called a "calling duck" there a species of duck bread too look like many species of duck, or just pure white, they were originally bread in England for hunters too release into ponds too attract wild ducks, there small size made them easy to jam into carrying pens, they stay all small and "cute " there whole lives, they don’t get any bigger then your common pigeon I would suggest these as pets over any others, there cage would be able too be smaller and they wouldn’t draw too much attention. Could easily be kept indoors and wouldn’t require a full kiddy pool a large bowl with 4 inches of water would be plenty. Now how’s that for duck knowledge lol,
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