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Lizard name ideas?

I just got a "rescue" african fat tail. She had never been misted or had a humid hide so she's had a million bad sheds and lost all of her back toes and part of her feet. Poor little girl. Anyways, what this is reall about is pet names. I can never decide on any for my herps. I don't know why. The only thing I could think of for her was "Handy." Somebody suggested "Stumpy" but it doesn't have quite the same ring. Any other good ideas?

None of my corns, beardies, or leos have names either, but I'm trying. I foolishly let my friend name my ball python and he chose "Lick-my." He won't be doing any more naming for me. He's the same one who named my old cham. "Michael" because when he rocks back and forth he looks like he has Parkinsons Disease (Michael J Fox). Beth, if you see this, that's the veiled I gave to you last year... which reminds me, "Handy" might like a boyfriend when she gets settled in. Do you have any females for sale?
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