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Seriously friend, let it go - leave the wildlife in the wild - ALWAYS!
In your user info, you have cited conservation as your interest; what you are doing is the opposite of conservation. Granted professionals take animals out of the wild for captive propagation programs for animals that are at risk, but this animal is not yet at risk and (if I am wrong, correct me) you are not a professional. As an aside, a big reason said animals become at risk is because of "poachers" removing them from the wild.
My interest is in the turtle, you'll have to forgive me if you take this as a personal attack.
You had mentioned this statistic in a previous post:
*Every day more than 5,000 animals are killed from poching.
Granted, you have not killed the animal yet, but you are effectively killing it in that you have removed it from the wild and eliminated all possibility of future reproduction and propagation of the species by this individual.
You may argue that "it's only one turtle" but I am sure that's what every individual poacher says; collectively, however, you can see how we reach that number of 5000.
Please let it go....
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