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I think the real point here, is that he is not "harming" any of the snakes in his shoots.
Whether he cools them or not, that isn't mistreating an animal.

Anyone ever gone to an expo in the middle of fall or winter and held a "supposedly" nasty species, that was as tame as a kitty, and then once bought and brought home and warmed up, was as nasty as a u know what?

Well, then u just purchased an animal that has been cooled.
Maybe not on purpose, but should snakes really be taken out from a heating source for the day, to make a sale??? to YOU??

I'm sure Steve, has a special fridge with special temperatures, and keeps them in there for a proper amount of time.

Now he has Always been about NOT using tranqualizers, with crocs, etc...
So cooling them in my mind is the much friendlier way to be able to spread the knowledge to the viewers....

Sometimes, the most natural way cannot be taken....
Would any of u like to try and wrestle an endangered bear or tiger to tag em so they can be monitored and protected?

Grant van Gameren
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