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Posts: 184 must have know the response you'd get from this site....we are all animal lovers...he are here to talk about husbundry and care and breeding of reptiles....if you go through the forums here on feild herping you'll never read about anyone doing more then catching to photograph them.

Turtles are in my oppion are the most abused pet in this trade...people like Matt, marisa, Darren, Incictus,dani , doen and myself are working hard to make this hobby and site the best it can ones mad at you (we are trying to educate you)

by looking at the dates and times of your post it looks like you caught him on the 7th and by the 8th you have already read everything you need to know and have started treated for parasites....with what....where did you get.....

If i sound like a "!@@" thats fine.....prove it...and i will start a new post to apologize to you......

this is amjor problem....taking wild animals out of natural environment.....think how many females could that one male breed with in a many off spring would result and perhaps even make to be his age........
5min latter:
this whole post is dumb...let me get this right WWC stands for World Wide Conservation

..count me in

pls look at the site
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