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First of all let me say that i to think he has done great things in the areas of conservation,and also has helped to dispell many of the myths that surounded reptiles for a very long time.He has more energy than any one person i have ever seen..and works very hard at what he does.I was just a little thrown back because out of the 6 or so emails not one reply..but there were reciepts sent..but when i think about it...i dont think he stays in one place very in time he may reply,Lets hope!
I'd love to have him come here and share a few things with the members of this site,im sure everyone would enjoy it!and so would i.

As far as YOU go hydro..everyone has an opinion here,and it seems you like to single others out for thiers!no matter what the imply quite a bit! aparenty all i do is sit behind a computer all day..not said!,,but implied!
You also bashed one of our other moderators for suporting animal cruelty..and bashing a moderator will not be taken lightly!
Of all people you acuse for this ..LINDS!!..WAKE UP!!..she is the furthest thing from an animal abuser there is .
The ice beneath your feet is about to break!...hope ya can swim!!!
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