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Agreed, WC are HARD to switch over to mainstream food anyway. I tried the catch and keep, but i could help but feel sorry for the little guy. CB ar born in rubbermaids and thats all the know, and are quite comfortable for them, while a WC may remain highstrung, Nervous, and defensive. I would release him.

BTW at 4:11pm you said:

'After doing some research i found him to be a cooter! He is 10 inches long. Hes so precious. Does anyone have any information on keeping them? I plan on having him in a 50 gallon pond.'

Then at 4:21 you said:

'I know alot of information on turtles, and i have done my re-search on him, hes doing great... '

*WOW, I wish i were that good with my herps.......*

THEN at 4:43 you said:

'You have no idea! I have done my research, hes being treated for parasites'

*DANG, I wish i lived that close to my herp vet!*

Dont you see that the info you are giving us just doesnt line up?!?!?!?
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