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Originally posted by WWC
You know you people are always jumping on someone, i dont know what the hell is wrong with you all ( most of you) cant you give some one a chance?! You are just rambling on about every sentance, nothing is good enogh for you! You must have no life at all! What a forum!
No one is forcing you to post on these forums.. It is your decision to do so.. But when you don't get the answers you want to hear, there is no need to fly off the handle.. It's obvious to me that everyone that has replied has had the same concern, the well being of the turtle.. As stated, if you want a turtle so bad, go out and buy a CB one rather then collecting from the wild populations.. It's funny, you were the one who started a thread about us needing conservation, well, collecting animals from their natural habitat is hardly conserving the wild population, don't you think????
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