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I enjoy a little harmless poking, as long as it is in good fun. When you get to know people, you can make little stabs and it is generally on a defining characteristic, whether you are American, Canadian, short, tall, fat, skinny, yuppy, redneck, Corn keeper, Hot keeper, bad speller, can't hit enter and just use alot of ........'s instead

Of course, I am a short, skinny, redneck American Hotkeeper who looks like Hermie the elf from Rudolph, so I catch alot I get alot of crap about living in the South, and i make fun of the South. As long as it is in good fun, it makes people seem more real rather than just screen names.

There are only 2 problems with living in the South, the heat and the racism. But it is not so much the heat as the humidity and not so much the hate as the stupidity
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