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Whether Steve cools some of the critters or not, he is still one of my number one idles. That man is the greatest. Not only has he shown that snakes and crocs are not horrible monsters, but beautiful creatures that deserve respect and deserve to live. The snakes he uses are not venomoids, venomoids are for cowards, and if anyone should even doubt that they are all real, take a look at how many times the red spitter got him in Africa!

Before I could never get ppl to even hear me out when I rescued a snake, now ppl are curious because they saw that "crazy croc hunter dude on tv". I thank him for what he has done and I know he will continue to help for years to come.

"I'll eat my hat if I ever hear the term "STEVE IRWIN BLOODLINE"" LOL, I would freak, would the higest bidders please stand up.
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