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Originally posted by kevyn
I think it goes well beyond sense of humour. I'm not easily offended at all, but I think alot of what goes on their is elitist, nationalistic, and absolutely ego driven. It seems to go beyond liking a lively debate and just waiting for the next person to cut down. Not a great enviornment to learn in. And yes it's popular but so are the Back Street Boys...
Im on some other forums, not reptile boards but a few Jeep ones, and find that bashing or flameing is a popular passtime.

One in particular has cleened up its act quite well. But it seems to go in cycles, ive ben lerking on the board a long time. And like the Back Street Boys, I know they exist but I wouldnt pay for a tickit.
In fact It got so bad that I got my own Jeep Board running.
I still go to the other board... cuz I like some of the personalitys on it and would definitly like to hook up and ride width em But... once the flameing starts it sorta ruins alot, But if you like reading the equivlant of The Springer Show

But Let me say the admin of this, and the aTa site do a great job of keeping it cool!
The members of this site are just full of information I will sure be here and at aTa for quite a while!
You guys rock
*in my best englis accent*
Is this the rite room for an arguement?
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