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The best part is, that forum is one of the BEST out there for those with a sense of humour. It's one of the only forums that doesn't tolerate oversensitive "you offended me" BS, yet is still REALLY popular. If views husbandry wise are expressed that they do not agree with and argue with you over it, the general point is they enjoy debate, arguing etc. And when it gets to the point you want to tell them to shut the hell up, they laugh. THAT'S why its hilarious. If you can't take the heat sort of thing.....but if you roll with their punches, that forum ROCKS! I think its a breath of fresh air and visit daily.
I think it goes well beyond sense of humour. I'm not easily offended at all, but I think alot of what goes on their is elitist, nationalistic, and absolutely ego driven. It seems to go beyond liking a lively debate and just waiting for the next person to cut down. Not a great enviornment to learn in. And yes it's popular but so are the Back Street Boys...
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