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well its pretty easy if you wish not to tell, jsut say you wish not to tell, in a good manner, then the person would back off. Im one of those people who asked how much it cost, cause i wanna know, its cause i dont know how much it cost to make a cage, the type of reptiles etc, you could also just give a price range. There are a lot of people coming to this site having questions in there mind. When i first came on this site i alway wonder how much a lot of things cost, i'll tell how much i get my stuff, this way it helps people. So they wont be over charged. this is in IMO. But if you wish not to tell, then ill back off. Some people dont like to tell cause by telling the price they wont enjoy what they got cause some people reminds them how much it was, i would be glad, cause i worked hard for the money and i desevered it, so i dont see the problem

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