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Here is my whole take on the inbreeding thing.
While I do not see any possible way visually to determine if your animal was inbred, knowing your breeder is one good way to find out.

Inbreeding in pure bred dogs is very common unfortunatly and the results are evident. Shortened life spans, numberous health problems and in my opinion lowered intelligence.

It may not be such a bad thing to inbreed once in a line continued inbreeding will most definatly result in deformaties, shortened life spans, smaller litters, still births, poor tempers and a variety of other undesirable traits.

Now when selecting breeding partners if you must inbreed you really need to pay attention to wich snakes your going to breed together. Of course most of the same things you should look for when breeding 2 snakes of the same gene pool are still the same things you should look for when breeding unrelated pairs too.

Selecting the most healthy snakes for breeding is always the best plan. Breeding one generation back to its sire or dam may not show any problems or no problems may develop as a result.
Even if your snake was inbred there is a good chance that your snake will be heathy. In my opinion the real problem with inbreeding come into play when you breed related animals carelessly.

All of my experience with dog and cat breeding has show that direct breeding to offspring usually doesn't end up good. I've almost always seen poor litter sizes, still birth and generally poor attitudes from the animals as adults. Either they are highly agressive or very high strung. As for snakes on the other hand their personalities are not as developed as cats or dogs, so I think the largest dangers related to inbreeding snakes would be more of the health concerns. If you don't think your snake is healthy have it checked out by a vet. Otherwise if your snake exhibits typical feeding/habitat responses its probably fine.
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