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I agree that list has too be updated none of the reptiles at the local pet stores are in it lol, even my little balls not on it,, but I'm just trying too make sure I understand how this works those regulations are sorta there saying the bye law can enforce permits bye referring too that act,, but if your local bye laws do not require a permit, then there is nothing wrong with owning them right??

for example i cannot find any by-law against owning a reptile, but there is one against having it in public un confined so i would assume that means you can keep them in your own home ??

shown here:

P.S, I agree something should be done too update that list, at least too include more common animals, as for other such as hots, I have no problem with them not being allowed without a permit, even if they decided too make people keeping boids get permits I would not be too opposed to it ,Iíve seen people with animals I know they should not be owning, such as the fellow I rescued a Sav off of 2 weeks ago, I would want too know how too go about getting one of these permits,

and id like too note,
just because its not on that list does not mean its illegal, needing a permit and being illegal are 2 completly diffrent things,

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