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haha good news

This is when you know parents barely ever mean what they say. When i started out with reptiles i coudnt even dream of owning a snake because my rents hated them, especially my dad! So i went to a show and saw he started finding them pretty cool, i still couldnt get one, but he kept calling me and was like, WOW look at this one! So that day i just bought one without his concent, a ball python...he was pretty mad but didnt reallyyyy care. So about 4 months later i finially got him to look at it and be in the same room when it was out..then a month later, he touched it! Then just today he actually held it for the first time haha i was so happy!! Now its my moms turn...she starts screaming her head off if shes downstairs, im upstairs and just taking it out for a little bit...its so funny.
Well that was my news
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