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What would be the best to start breeding?

I have a 1.0 Burm(1yr), 0.1 BCI(1yr), 1.0 Ball(4yrs), and 0.0.1 Black Rat Snake(a few months)

what would you recommend me breeding of all them? This will be my first time breeding anything at all. What are your opinions? Also which ever you think is the best to about morphs? THe only morph I have is my Labby het albion labby burm.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated!!!!! I'm in no rush though

PS- I reposted it here....there is another in the Boa Forum if a Mod would kindly delete it
Don Meyer
1.0 Ball Python, 0.1 Boa Constrictor, 1.0 Burmese Python, 0.0.1 Black Ratsnake, 1.0 Anole, & 0.0.2 Leopard Geckos
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