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Comming back to life??

First thing I want to put out there is I'm not crazy and I have tried calling the vet but there they won't see her. Ok this is odd. I have a leopard gecko that has been sick and I thought she have finally died today, she was not breathing for like 10 min, was limp everything. I didn't have time to do anything with she because I have to go to work. Now here's the creepy thing, she's alive. I put her on her favorite rock ( dont know why just thought it'd be nice for her) When I came home from work she had moved across the cage and had climbed into her humid hide. I got her out she was/is breathing. It's not regular but she's breathing on her own. I know she's not going to make it through the night but anyone have any ideas?? I know she was dead when I first checked her. I know she was, and yes I know she's alive now, not just the after death twitch thing (she is twitching) I know it's breathing I can hear the air being sucked in and she opens her mouth and takes a deep breath. You know how sometimes you wake up from a bad dream and realized your holding your breath and take a deep breath that's what she's doing. I also want to add that it looked as if she had been eating the moss in her hide?? She is also limp as if she does not have the energy to move. When I tried to look in her mouth ( to see if I could get the dirt out for her) she locked her jaws shut??
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