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I'll agree that it's amazing the bio mother knew her daughter after 6 years, and that the daughter is going to have issues for the rest of her life.

BUT I can also see reasons why the "mom" would have taken the baby. Perhaps she couldn't have her own? perhaps she had been involved with dad before the bio mom and wanted her life, or perhaps she had lost her own kids for whatever reason.

I am NOT condoning her actions at all, just trying to show the other side. I'll admit that I've looked at babies aroudn the age Gabriel would be now and wonder why those mom got to have their kids and I didn't. Or I see other people that have kids that horribly abuse and neglect them and do NOT deserve to be a parent, and compare to myself. Why was I not allowed to have anymore kids?

Again I am happy for the bio mom for being able to find her daughter, I agree what the "mom" did was wrong, but until we find out the whole story, like WHY the "mom" felt she had to take the baby all those years ago, I can't condemn her.
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