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Gotta hate limits!

Hello guys,

I live in a community/co-op, and the house im living in is not mine but i beleive its governments i could be wrong, but they are rented houses, so its a little community thing. Ive been living in it for about 8 years now, and slowly adding more pets to my "collection". But had to be down sized, cause the office, did an inspection and checked out the house to see if it was o.k to live in. A week later they want me to give a list of residing pets in my house, i was like "uh oh!", i recounted and i had 8 pets in total!!!! so i took out the "rule book" and turned to "how many pets i could keep" and it said 4!!!! So now i have downsized it to 5, and selling one more! this really sucks, i wish i have my own house, where theres no such things as "to many pets"

This was a quote from the book, rules etc

Members will not be allowed to keep the following pets in the co-op:

a) exotic pets (such as monkeys, parrots)

b) potentially dangerous pets (such as tarantulas, boa constrictors, pit bulls, bull terriers, and dobermans)

O.k many people in this site own a monkey in the house at the moment? See i hate limits, can't do much about it, if i havnt gotten rid of half the pets i have, i would have been kicked out of the co-op., but now all i have is a chameleon, leopard gecko, and 2 Aquariums, i can only have 2 Aquariums and no more, ugh having a bad day, what do you guys think???

1.1 Panther Chameleon Nosy Be
0.1 Leopard Gecko
1.0 Jackson Chameleon
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