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I love ALL horror movies, My dad is a HUGE Stephen King fan and he turned me into one also. I remember sitting there as a little girl watching firestarter and IT and anything else scary.

All the classics of course, but i will list a few of my personal favorites.

Silence of the Lamb, I think this is my favorite cause i was home alone and it was pitch dark through the house (the only way to watch scary movies) and it scared the poo out of me, plus their was a guy staring in at me from my window and my brother and his friend were on the roof (don't ask, that was were they hung out at times, and i didnt' know they were there) and they jumped off the roof to tackle him. Plus i had to watch it a few times to understand everything. Anthony hopkins Does such a great job!!!

Dee Sniders Strangeland, That movie was just great, completly different from the normal, hehe Capt. Howdy.

IT- They all float down here... Need i say more.

Cujo- GREAT, GREAT movie!!!! makes you think twice about a St. Benard. LOL

I could go on forever, I've pretty much seen them all and enjoy all of them, Including all the movies that other people have listed already. I love watching the exorcist for a great laugh, don't know why but scary movies make me laugh my butt off.

The remake of Dawn of the Dead comes out soon, My bf got passes to check out a special screening of it, so we are going on March 16th to see it, can't wait.
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