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One thing seems to be missed by the "he plants the animals" and "he cools them down" people. How does he "cool down" 16ft crocs????? The ones that he rescues... the ones he travels days to get to??? The ones out in the middle of nowhere...
Steve Irwin has done more for the "preservation" of reptiles than everyone of us, using these forums, put together! He only breeds for conservation, NOT PROFIT! I'll eat my hat if I ever hear the term "STEVE IRWIN BLOODLINE".

Also, I was watching another reptile show where they ran into Steve out in the bush. He agreed to do a commercial for them. He was holding a semi-venomous green snake (??) This thing tagged him about 20 times. The other guys were in awe that he never stopped trying to tape the commercial. His hand started to swell like a balloon. His reason for doing this??? The other guys "do a great job trying to inform kids on the treatment of reptiles, and for this Steve got tagged, BIG TIME.

just my opinion........

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