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Originally posted by Gary D.
I have never purchased an animal while on a trip, but it is not uncommon for pet owners to fly with domestic animals. If properly caged, I do not see how this would be any different, (assuming you will not be returning with hots as they are illegal in AB, and not welcome at TARAS shows). As such you likely will not be required to pay additional shipping costs as you would if it were to be shipped afterwards (or at least minimal handling charges). I would contact the airline you are travelling on and discuss it as transporting your new pet, which just happens to be a reptile. Thus you will also be familliar with what will constitute proper caging in the said airline's eyes.
As far as I am aware, reptiles are not allowed in carry-on, regardless of packaging, only in cargo. A few years ago, I forget who it was, but they were refused entry to their flight due to this, as well as I have heard this was the case from people that inquired to the airlines. Not surprising, there would probably be a lot of upset passengers if they were aware a reptile were on board..... >(
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