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I noticed this post and thought interesting to do the 5 page read and see its outcome. But basically you saw this movie as I did as well. For whatever personal interest being curiousity of media hype or film making of Mel Gibson, religious theories and so on. I saw it on Saturday.

I liked the movie based on many issues. The most important was I treated my parents to a Canada movie theatre experience to see a very well made movie that being they do not understand english or could even read the sub-titles but still understood the story and its deep meanings. I really like movies that visually hit you so hard and make you understand without all the verbal balogne. This was the 1st movie ever in like 100 movies I ever saw in cinemas that keep people on the edge of there seats, where the whole room was super quite other than hearing a few tears hear and there. And even more when it was over and people started heading out to their cars I heard not one person make a comment, joke, or even question about an scene in the movie. I was even more surprized on the wide range of people that were in this cinema with me ranging from teens to elders and just about any background I guess too.

I figure on average more people will go and see it now on the media hype, it seems the more negative something gets on the hype the better chances people will see it. This is great for Mel of course. The one thing I do believe that is part of all the media hype is the amount of violence and gore in it. If you have a weak stomach on that this may be not your best movie to watch. But the reality on it and how down to earth realistic it is can not be changed. Some of the hype being that amount of violence could never have happened but truthfully we all do not know, we weren' t there and there has been greater human history documentation on human on human destruction.

So I rate this movie on a scale 10 as a 10 being well made, very serious and realistic, good actors and well thought out. Its worth 2 hours of your time, and putting aside anything religious - it will open and bring you an understanding on human suffering worldwide.

I hope I did not offend anyone this is just a review on the movie.


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