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You can hope that Goldberg will win, but like I said it's Goldberg last match. His contract is up and WWE isn't interested in extending it. The reason is he's a pain in the *** to deal with, and very sloppy in the ring-just ask Bret Hart. Goldberg will begin wrestling in Japan almost immediately after WMXX. Sorry to tell all those Goldberg fans, but he's done and Brock and Austin will finish him. These aren't my "picks" , they are the WWE's plans for the match outcomes.

The ones that will change quite abit between now and WMXX are Eddie/Angle and HHH/Benoit/HBK. The real question that WWE is considering is weather to give Benoit the belt at WMXX or in his home town at Backlash. The match of the night will easily be Eddie/Angle. Expect them to be given at least 30min.

Also expect the Undertaker to be champion again this year. Probably around Summer Slam or Survivor Series to mark his 13th year with the company. He's been in WWE longer than anyone else. There is also talk within the company of letting Taker retire with the title. An honour they have never granted to anyone before, but one that no one else has deserved more.
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