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I was hoping for Bill Murray all the way.

I can't agree more about the "frumpy" Sofia Coppola comments. She didn't seem to enjoy one second she was on film.

Best song: Bah, either of the Cold Mountain songs were WAY better (especially the Elvis Costello one. ) and "Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow" should have beat out the LOTR song too.

LOTR: well, I just hope they didn't actually "save" all of these awards for the last film. That would stink. If LOTR should have won best picture all three years, so be it. Let it win all 3. If there was one picture "better" each year... tough luck. I just think the "best" candidate should win regardless of what's coming out next year. How is "saving" the awards for the last film fair to this year's "real" best picture/director/key grip.... or whatever. Oh well, it's not like any of it matters...

Hottest lady of the night: Julia Roberts

Person who looked most like they live in a dumpster: Peter Jackson! Trim you beard, comb your hair and rent a decent suit, you millionaire! LOL
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