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People "hate" being "slappped in the face" with REALITY, Mark
Point is, that is the truth. Personally, I never have heard of Mr. Susuki. I skimmed briefly over the pages, and had to agree with what I read ever so quickly. Yet...I see that Mother Nature will live past us and see better days beyond our rule here on this pale blue orb. I think it will be very tough to kill off our fair mother, I just think we just do a good job at killing everything she has made for us.

It is also fair to point out that I find it true, that even with so many "herpers", how many have or actually do enjoy herping outdoors, enjoying the full natural life outside of our cities and towns. Just to live as an 'animal', without worrying about what we spend our money on, or filling our homes with unessesary items just to say that we know we exsist. Does it not seem pointless to stress over meaningless rubble, to slave our lives away to 'earn' a buck, only to give it back to those that work us like mules so that we have a right to enjoy life? It is a bit nice to have low-fat blackberry maple syrup in the convenient microwavable container and the "new-age soy products" so one can feel like they give a crap about the planet and its beasts. Pointless materialism so the flocks will agree they care.

Extreme it may seem, but who here would actually give that all up for the real life that was intended for each of us. Not many will, but many will cope out a nice setiment as to why they care, as in there choice of diet...."I can't eat an animal, not me, I respect them"...bleh, just horsecrap. We are all at fault at some level or another, but better off knowing that and dealing with it than not.
Why do we have this obsession with continuous growth? Simply because growth and an increasing GNP (gross national product) have become our only measures of progress as a society.
You buy, work and live in it, so do not feel as if buying from their propaganda at "environmentally healthy" is bypassing them and outsmarting them......

Okie..enough of a tiff....
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