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I wrote the buyer an email too. Nothing has happened to me but I did get a reply. Here is what he wrote:

"Hello Shaggy,
Let me report that the box is no hoax. It proves to be a post WWII Jewish shrine of sorts dealing with spirits. Considering the horrible events that have occurred this past weekend, I believe the Dibbuk or whatever it you call it, is real. Something has to give, and I am not sure yet what will happen - the box may need to have a timeout at a paranormal research center. The jasmine and cat urine smells have invaded by home - those are the least of my worries right now. All those near the box have taken a beating, so I am having to move it. Problem is no one I know wants it in their basement, nor do I really. I can't believe that since the box sold last week 97,000 people have checked out the eBay listing. Thank goodness not near that many have written, but those numbers are growing.

Right now it is boxed and stored. Hopefully it will just rest while I consider what comes next. I am not exactly sure. I collect items all the time. I am pretty generous some items I give to Museums, other items I hold onto for visual satisfaction. Many ancient artifacts I own have had odd things occur in the acquisition or after the fact. I have never felt threatened by these items; however, this one I have yet to know if it is safe or a threat. More bad than good seems to be occurring. Everyday I learn more about the box's past. All the stories check out. Sadly, the previous owners seem to have additional problems. Maybe the bulk of the bad problems has stayed. It's early in yet. I would like to have the box available for people to see since there seems to be so much interest. The Dibbuk Box on tour - just a joke. The latest is that it appears the marble piece that is in the box that says Shalom- Peace could be four pieces from broken headstones. A Jewish Rabbi had me re-examine the piece and I agree with him it looks like broken tombstones. The Jewish faith believes the spirit resides within the tombstone. More on this later. I'll try to keep you posted.

I don't know what to believe. It is very interesting though.
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