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DOH! Sounds crappy man. I guess Duane will share your grief also? Or was someone else "pimping" their male to ya LOL. Hopefully you have better luck with round 2. I just traded back for a female Albino from Duanes last years clutch, so I'll have her going up for sale/trade right away. I'd take your Diamond for it, heh heh. Might as well grab an Albino female eh, as Hets are soon to be just a dime a dozen anyhow IMHO. LOL Good Luck
P.S. "Mason" there is a good chance that the male was not cycled properly for breeding or the time frame of the breedings didn't work out for when the female ovulated etc. OR Maybe he was just bred ("pimped out") to too many different females to be successful with all/any of them.
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